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With the aim of achieving continuous improvement in processes and products, thyssenkrupp CSA’s corporate strategy is accompanied by a comprehensive quality management system.

thyssenkrupp CSA is committed to the continuous development of the quality management system and to the training of our associates. Our objective is to continue satisfying the growing demands of our clients in the future, through processes of improvement.

thyssenkrupp CSA’s Quality System, which manages the process of the manufacture and sale of steel slabs, possesses NBR ISO9001: 2008 Certification. The company also possesses Quality Certification for the use of thyssenkrupp CSA’s steel in the shipbuilding industry (DNV and ABS)

thyssenkrupp CSA is committed to producing and commercializing high quality steel slabs to meet the requirements applicable to the product, seeking continuous improvement in client satisfaction and the company’s processes, through the involvement of people and the development of skills.

thyssenkrupp CSA’s Quality Policy
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