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health and safety

Health and Safety

Motivation and efficiency, as well as professional competence and job satisfaction, are inseparable from the company’s economic success.

Safe workplaces are essential for our associates to remain healthy, but also to the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of thyssenkrupp CSA in the steel market.

For thyssenkrupp CSA, the health and safety of its workers are maximum priorities. The company has a policy of “zero accident”, offering continuous training to teams and preventive health programmes, in order to assure the wellbeing of its employees.

thyssenkrupp CSA maintains teams of fire-fighters and doctors on duty at a strategic site within the complex, from where it is possible to reach any of the units in 5 minutes, in case of emergency. All the activities are monitored by cameras at a modern Safety Operations Control Centre, which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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