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thyssenkrupp CSA’s power plant
thyssenkrupp CSA’s power plant

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of thyssenkrupp CSA’s outstanding characteristics.

The gases and steam produced by the steel-making process are used in thyssenkrupp CSA’s power plant, which generates all the energy necessary for the company’s operations. The result is energy self-sufficiency and a reduced environmental impact.

With the capacity to generate 490 MW, the Atlântico Power Plant is the first in the Americas and the third in the world to adopt a combined-cycle process. Here, instead of being burned in a boiles to generate steam, process gases undergo combustion directly in the turbine, additionally using offgas energy to generate steam.

This kind of technology, which is still not used in other steel mills in Brazil, allows for up to 10% efficiency gain when compared with traditional technology.

The power plant allows thyssenkrupp CSA to produce its own energy and, furthermore, to supply over 200MW of surplus energy to the Brazilian National Grid, which is sufficient to meet the needs of 1 million households, contributing to the stability of the energy supply of Brazil’s south-eastern region.

In addition to the power plant, thyssenkrupp CSA is also efficient in its use of other utilities, such as water and gas. The gas from the steel plant, for example, is re-used in the steel plant itself, in the sinter plant and in the production of pig iron, thus reducing the consumption of natural gas

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