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thyssenkrupp CSA


Located in the Industrial District of Santa Cruz (Rio de Janeiro-RJ), thyssenkrupp CSA has the capacity to produce up to 5 million tons of high quality steel slabs per year. With its compact layout, the steel mill is a world leader in productivity .

With an integrated process, thyssenkrupp CSA’s different units were designed to be close to each other in order to optimize services and speed in the production process.

thyssenkrupp CSA produces steel slabs that possess the highest standards of quality control, using monitoring systems that cover every stage of the process, as well as on-time analyses in its own laboratory.

thyssenkrupp CSA’s clients receive a high quality product guaranteed to incorporate cutting-edge technology developed over more than 200 years’ of thyssenkrupp’s steel-producing history. With its own port in Sepetiba Bay and its own railway line, thyssenkrupp CSA has the capacity to supplyclients in Brazil and around the world.

thyssenkrupp CSA’s steel slabs pass through various stages of production before being delivered to the client. Many products are created in this process, from start to finish. A series of operational processes allows us to offer our clients the steel they need. The efficient and responsible use of resources in the production process ensures that our products are manufactured in the most sustainable way possible

The producion process
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